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  • be nice. | Holland, MI

    be nice. | Holland, MI

    The school year in Michigan begins today. This means we will be back in the schools and among the brilliant young minds much more often. Here's a couple of clips from a 'be nice.' assembly in Holland, Michigan last year. 5iveit.
  • The Accidentals and The Beard

    The Accidentals and The Beard

    A few days I was blessed to join Ralston Bowles & Friends for a show at the Fredrick Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. Minutes before the show started Ralston introduced me to The Accidentals, an immensely talented group based in Traverse City, MI. The above video is a bit of what resulted, a mash-up of their song "Trouble" and two verses from "Spin Cycle" captured on my GoPro. Later in the…
  • Richardson’s Food & Liquor | Live

    Richardson’s Food & Liquor | Live

    Richardson's Food & Liquor performed last weekend at Billy's Lounge. There was great energy in the building, the love was overwhelming. To check out the studio version of this song featuring Ryan K. Wilson and produced by Nixon, click HERE. 5iveit LP & 5iveit EP (Limited Edition 2 CD Release) by Rick Chyme What are we going to do about gun violence in the United States? Considering the sta…
  • William C. Abney Middle School | 5iveit

    William C. Abney Middle School | 5iveit

    As the school year begins, I'm very eager to re-connect with the kids. Often we aren't able to film the work we do in schools, but here are two clips from last school year at William C. Abney Middle School in Grand Rapids, MI. This piece was the start of a motivational talk I gave, followed by a full performance over proper production. A few weeks after this visit, I returned and taught Language A…
  • Willow Jam

    Yesterday I discovered that Willow likes being used as a drum.