5iveit Creative Workshop | Grandville, Michigan

Posted on Feb 8, 2016 in Collaborations, Video | 0 comments

I am currently in the midst of a series of sessions with 6th Graders at East Elementary School in Grandville, MI. Above is a video captured as we performed a song together, below are some words from instructor, Sara Peterman….

“Music lyrics are poetry,” says teacher Sara Peterman at East. She invited hip hop artist Rick Chyme to guide sixth graders through his writing method, and it proved to help all of them overcome writer’s block.

They first cleared their minds in a dimly lit room while listening to gentle music. Chyme then encouraged them to write nonstop in their notebooks without erasing or editing their words. The result: Notebooks filled with dreams and deep thoughts! The students loved this method so much, they wanted to go home and try it again.”

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