5iveit EP nominated for multiple 2015 WYCE Jammie Awards

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Our friends at WYCE have released nominations for the 2015 Jammie Awards.

Last year we took home three awards for the 5iveit LP. This year our follow up, the 5iveit EP (Album Of The Year, Hip Hop Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year “Better Days).

You can request all of the songs from both projects at any time, no matter where you are in the world.

Request Online or  Call 1-616-742-9923.

Below is a look at the video for the Jammie nominated, Betters Days, created with John Boros. The song was produced by Ryan K. Wilson of Vox Vidorra.

Listen, purchase and share the 5iveit EP and 5iveit LP

Several of our fellow collaboraters were also nominated, including Vox Vidorra and Venson Dix. 5iiiiiiiveit.

Also, the WYCE vintage guitar logo from 2011 is my favorite google image grab of the week.

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