5iveit Verses 001: Crucify The Diatribe

Posted on Jul 1, 2015 in 5iveit Verses, blog | 0 comments

Here is the first installment of 5iveit Verses, ‘Crucify The Diatribe’. The lyrics originally come from a song on my 5iveit LP called, Politricks & Bullhits : SVU.

The lyrics found life once again last weekend during a Thursday night campsite jam at Electric Forest with Katie Larson of The Accidentals. We mashed up words from Politricks with their Parking Lot, showed our results to the others and ended up performing it with the entire band three times during the festival.

I believe some high quality documentation of some of these performances took place, hopefully you’ll be able to see it at some point.

It was fantastic to be among such positive, music loving people this weekend. Thank You to the entire Accidentals Team for so openly welcoming us into your world. 5iveit.

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