Help Us Make a Music Video Using Phones

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As you may know already, we released a few new songs last week in form of U.N.I.T.S. 1. One song from the EP, Move My Arms Around featuring Suport seems to have been designated as the “single” by you all. Since you have let us know what your favorite song is, we figured we should all collaborate to create the music video together.

It’s only right that I show you couple of the early submissions before explaining how to participate. I now bring to you The Accidentals w/ animals and baby Collins ‘moving their arms around.’

Alright, now that you’ve enjoyed that greatness, here’s how you can participate.

-Have Fun
-Turn your cell phone horizontal(landscape)
-Play the chorus of ‘Move My Arms Around’ while dancing or flailing with feet stationary
-Film in a well lit environment
-Use your imagination…film You alone, groups of people, kids, dogs, puppets, koalas, costumes.
-Be Yourself and feel free to film as many as you’d like.
-Please use #5iveit when posting the videos to social media.
-E-mail a link of the actual video to

The plan is to take all of the videos and compile them to make an official music video for the song. It’d be huge if you rounded up some friends to film their own clips. Thank You for supporting.

Here is a link to play just the chorus, below that is the full song if you want to go all in. 5iveit.

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