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“As a writer I’ve learned that inspiration can come from anywhere. Often times, someone’s story grabs me and I incorporate aspects of it into a song, occasionally without even realizing it until later. The reality that many of my songs are founded in has been a major factor in people being drawn to and identifying with my music. Through YOUR SONG, we will be able to connect uniquely by creating music together”. – Rick Chyme

YOUR SONG is the chance for you to hear a personal story translated to song by Rick Chyme and his many collaborating friends. YOUR SONG can be drawn from your experience, a friend or family member’s story, or something you have completely made up…anything you decide on…

Once you’ve chosen the subject matter, the next step is to contact Rick an e-mail with all of the information you think necessary for him to construct the lyrics of YOUR SONG. In the past, people have provided audio, photos, video, and even journals to aid the process.

YOUR SONG is the ultimate opportunity to bring you into the mix, walking the line between collaboration and commissioned artwork.

“This project excites me because it provides the opportunity to work together with some of the people who’ve inspired me and share some of the creative process with those that may not have the chance to put their life experiences into song otherwise”, says Chyme.

Once YOUR SONG is finished, we will e-mail you a digital copy.

If you want to be the only person to ever hear YOUR SONG, you will be…it’s completely up to you. We will never sell or distribute any compositions created through YOUR SONG without your permission.

We are surely open to discussing and brainstorming ideas for releasing the music we create together. Our hope is that we can forge genuine bonds through this project that will endure the test of time.

To submit, e-mail your story to We will arrange payment after your idea is accepted.

Please include “YOUR SONG” in the subject line of your e-mail. Turn-around time will vary depending on the volume of submissions. It’s important to specify if your submission is time sensitive.

The cost for a Your Song will likely vary depending on the unique characteristics of each collaboration. An example, we are currently working on a concept album comprised of YOUR SONG’s commissioned by a single woman. We negotiated what we all thought was fair compensation for the project.

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