Pull Me Back | ArtPeers | DITA| Burge |Rick Chyme & Nixon

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I am really proud to be a part of this piece of art.

Erin Wilson of ArtPeers did a tremendous job taking our music and using it as inspiration to tell a story. He wrote, edited, shot and directed the piece. Joshua Burge returned from Hollywood to bless our production with is dynamic presence. Amy Wilson and the amazing humans of Dance In The Annex provided invaluable improvisational movement. Nixon created the instrumentation that inspired my vocals. Seth Thompson captured moments perfectly. Jovonnah Nicholson gave me tremendous feedback between takes that directly impacted my perfomance, captured some photos of the process and assisted with some lighting and anything else that we needed.

This piece was viewable for 10 days at the UICA in January…and now for the entire world via the world wide web.


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